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acknowledge 请认收
Let me know that you have received and understood this message.
例:CA502 acknowledge all further transmission. (CA502请认收以下发话。)

affirm 是的,同意
Yes. (是的。)
例:CA521 are you ready for immediate departure? (CA521能立即起飞吗?)
CA521 affirm. (CA521是的。)

approved 同意
Permission for proposed action granted. (准许或承认所要求的事项。)
例:CA227 pushback approved. (CA227同意推出。)

break 断开
I hereby indicate the separation between portions of the message. (To be used
where there is no clear distinction between the text and other portions of the
message). (我在此指明本电文两部分之间的间隔[同一电文上下文之间无明显区别时使用]。)
例:CA351 taxi to runway 18L, break center line taxiway lighting unserviceable.

break break 断开,断开
I hereby indicate the separation between messages transmitted to different
aircraft in a very busy environment. (通话非常繁忙,现指出向不同飞机通话的间隔。)
例:CA918 descend immediately FL120, break break, all stations, stop transmitting
MAYDAY. (CA918立即下降到1万2千英尺,断开,断开,所有各台停止发话,有遇险活动。)

cancel 取消
Annul the previously transmitted clearance. (取消先前发给的许可。)
例:CA512 hold position, cancel I say again, cancel take off, vehicle on the
runway. (CA512原地等待,取消,重复一遍,取消起飞,跑道上有车辆。)

check 检查
Examine a system or procedure.(No answer is normally expected.)
例:CA302 check your transmitter and give me a long call. (CA302检查你的发射机并给我1次长呼。)

cleared 准许,可以
Authorized to proceed under the conditions specified. (附有条件的许可或承认。)
例:CA502 cleared for take off wind calm. (CA502 可以起飞,静风。)

confirm 证实
Have I correctly received the following...? Or did you correctly receive this
message? (我收到以下的电文是正确的吗?或你收到该电文是正确的吗?)
例:512 confirm leaving 5700m. (512证实脱离5700米。)

contact 联系
Establish radio contact with.... (与...建立无线联系。)
例:512 contact Tower on 118. (512联系塔台118。)

correct 正确
That is correct. (发送的话是正确的。)
例:502 read back correct, (502 复诵正确。)

correction 更正
An error has been made in this transmission (or message indicated), and the
correct version is... (已发电文有错误,正确的是 ...)
例:521, correction 512 start-up approved. (521, 更正,512可以开车。)

disregard 作废
Consider that transmission as not sent. (取消已发送的电文。)
例:312 disregard previous ATC clearance. (312 先前航行许可作废。)

go ahead 请讲
Proceed with your message. (发送你的电文。)
例:118 Tower go ahead. (118塔台请讲。)

how do you read 听我声音怎样
What is the readability of my transmission? (我的发话声音怎样?)
例:301 how do you read? (301听我声音怎样?)

I say again 我重复一遍
I repeat for clarity or emphasis. (为了明确与强调,我再讲一遍。)
例:312 cancel, I say again cancel take off. (312取消,我重复一遍,取消起飞。)

monitor 守听
Listen out on(frequency). (在(频率)上守听。)
例:512 monitor ATIS 123.25. (512,在123.25上守听通播。)

negative 不对,不同意
No or permission not granted or that is not correct. (不对,不同意或不正确。)
例:312 negative start up 05. (312不同意,开车时间05分。)

out 再见
This exchange of transmissions is ended and no response is expected.

over 回答
My transmission is ended and I expect a response from you. (我的发话完毕,等待你的回答。)

read back 复诵
Repeat all, or the specified part of this message back to me exactly as
received. (严格复诵收到的全部电文或电文的特指部分。)
例:412 read back correct. (412复诵正确。)

recleared 重新许可
A change has been made to your last clearance and this new clearance supersedes
your previous clearance or part of them. (刚才给你的指令有更改,本新指令取代你先前收到的指令或其一部分。)
例:412 recleared for FL350 report reaching. (412 重新许可使用高度层3万5千英尺,达到报告。)

report 报告
Pass me the following information. (向我发送以下信息。)
例:312 report final. (312报告完毕。)

request 请求
I should like to know... or I wish to obtain... (我想知道...,或我希望获得... 。)
例:CA312 request time check. (CA312请求校时。)

roger 收到
I have received all of your last transmission. (我已全部收到你的发话。)
例:Delta 386 roger. (三角386收到。)

say again 重复
Repeat all, or the following part, of your last transmission. (全部或部分重复你刚才的发话.)
例:Station callings Tower say again your call sign. (呼叫塔台的电台,重复一下你的呼号。)

speak slower 讲慢些
Reduce your rate of speech. (降低你的语速。)
例:Beijing Control speaks slower. (北京区调度请讲慢些。)

standby 稍等
Wait and I will call you. (在我呼叫之前,请等待(我的发话)。)
例:512 standby 118 for Tower. (512请在118塔台频率上稍等。)

verify 核实
Check and confirm with originator. (检查并向原发话者证实。)
例:312 verify position. (312请核实目前位置。)

wilco 照办
I understand your message and will comply with it. (Abbreviation for “will
comply”). (我已理解你的电文并将执行。)
例:502 wilco. (502照办。)

words twice 发送两遍
①As a request: Communication is difficult. Please send every word or group of
words twice. (作为请求:因通讯困难,请将每(或组)字发送两遍。)
例:Beijing Control 512 words twice. (北京区调度512请发送两遍。)
②As information: Since information is difficult, every word or group of words in
this message will be send twice. (作为信息:由于通讯困难,本电文的每字或每组字将发送两遍。)
例:502 I read you 2 words twice. (502,我听你2,发送两遍。)



hooded flight 暗舱仪表飞行
radio navigation aids 无线电领航设备
maneuver flight 机动飞行
air combat 空战
concentrate superiority in force 集中优势兵力
air force civilian cadre 空军文职干部
stop flying system of flying personnel 飞行人员停飞制度
content of flight training 飞行训练内容

Dive angle (pitch-down angle) high (low). Apply a little back stick.

Check the distance. Distance too far. Advance(retard) a little throttle.

(接近正常)Pay much attention to the speed difference; retard (advance) a little
throttle. (正常后)Distance good. Maintain the distance carefully.

Maintain the bombing data carefully. No high (low) speed.

Pay attention to the horizon and rate-of-climb indicator. Don’t climb (descend).


Pay attention to passing over the departure point correctly. The aircraft is to
the left. Left correction. Adjust the airspace location.

Adjust the autopilot. Check the pitch channel. Engage the autopilot.




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