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ڣ2006-08-22 Ӱģ ͶƱ
Ѽ Duck wing
Ѽ Duck gizzard
ѼϺ Fried prawn roll with duck liver filling
ѼDz Duck soup with vegetable
Ѽ Duck soup
Ѽ Duck in casserole
Ѽ Duck tongues and ham soup
Ѽʲ Duck giblets soup
ѼѪ Bean curd with duck blood
Ѽ Ducks wing and bears paw stewed
Ѽ֭㴽 Fish lip soup with duck gravy
Ѽ֭㴽 Braised fish lips with duck sauce
ѿ˼˿ Sliced chicken and bean sprouts
ѿţ˿ Sliced beef with bean sprouts
ѿ*˿ Sliced pork with bean sprouts
ѿ* Minced pork with bean sprouts
Сţ Calfs liver and bacon
Ѭ Smoked crispy fish
Salted vegetable
紨 Salted pork in chafing dish
缦 Salted chicken
Salted dace
߱Ƭ Fried tripe with Chinese pickles
ܾY Saute pork fillet with Chinese pickles
ܾ˿ Stir-fried eel slices with Chinese pickles
α Saute salted sliced chicken
μ Saute salted pork slice
Οhʼ Salted poast chicken
Οh Salt roasted chicken
Οh Salt roast pigeon
ΟhϺ Salt roast shrimp
ο Salt roast chicken
ˮ Boiled peanuts with salt
ˮϺ Boiled shrimps with salt
ˮ Boiled chicken with salt
ˮϺ Boiled shrimps with salt
ˮѼ Boiled duck with salt
ˮ Drunken chicken
Swallows nest cake
Ѹ뵰 Birds nest with pigeon eggs
Ų Fried liver and deep fried thin cake
DZ Mutton cutlet
Sheeps tongueGuangdong style
Ź Mutton chops
Mutton patties
⴮ Lamb shashlik
Mutton barley soup
ɳ Satay lambMalaysia
ඳ Sheeps tongue in aspic
Feet and leg of lamb
ͷ Sheeps head soup
ݳ Fried riceYangzhou style
÷ Red bayberries
÷ Ice cream with red bayberry
÷͵ Red bayberry cream cake
бţ˿ Quick-fried shredded beef and onions
л⼦ Chicken and onion
м* Pork chop fried with onions
ţ Beef steak with onions
ţŷ Beef steak with onions and rice
ţ˿ Fried shredded beef with onions
Onion soup
Omelette with onions and tomato
* pork chop with onion
*ŷ Pork chop and onion with rice
ɽ Potato soup
׾ Cashew nut and white mushrooms
Ϻ Fried shrimps with cashew nut
Chicken with cashew nut
ⶡ Diced pork with cashew nuts
ţ Steak with cashew nuts
Noodlds with spiced pork
ʱ Fresh seasonal vegetable with scallops
Ҭ֭ Sweet birds nest with coconut juice
Ҭ֭ Chicken with coconut sauce
Ҭ Coconut pie
Ұ Pheasant pie
һζ One chicken cooked in three styles
˱㵰 YibinSichuanpreserved wine eggs
ʽ⼦ Italian style chicken rice
White fungus broth
ػ Saute vegetables with white fungus
˿ Silver thread roll
㳴 Fried whitebait with scrambled eggs
Whitebait in chafing dish
֦˿ Sliced pigeon with bean sprouts
ӡ Indian soup
ӡ֭ Java fruit juice
ӡἦϺ Indonesian chickenshrimps and rice
ӣҲ Cherry pudding
ӲѬ೦ Salami sausage
̫ʽţ Braised beefJewish style
ͱз Fried fresh water crabs
ͱ˫ Fried two crispy ingredients
ͱϺ Fried whole shrimps
ͱζ Fried fish liver dices
ͼϺ Fried whole shrimps
ͽз Fried crabs with bean sauce
ͽ Steamed fresh fish in soy sauce
ͽĢ Mushrooms in soy sauce
ͽ Fried fish in soy sauce
м Fried spring chicken with bamboo shoots
˴Ϻ Braised prawns
Ģ Braised fresh mushrooms
ݴ Fried scallops
ݵƬ Cuttlefish in sauce
ݻϖ Fried oyster
Ƭ Fried sliced whelk
Saute green coat fish ballsHongkong
Ϻ Saute shrimp
F Fried frogs
Ϻ Fried prawn balls
Ϻ Fried whole shrimps
Ϻ Fried prawn balls
Saute squid
ͯӼ Spring chicken with boiling oil
ը Savoury doughnut
ը Fried strong smelling bean curd
ը Fried broad beans
ը Fried peanuts
ըƶ Fried soya beans
ը Croutons
Squid soup
Sharks fin soup
ǻ˿ Sliced chicken and fish maw
ǰǺ Braised fish maw and sea cucumber
㿧 Fish curry
㼹 Minced fish and leaf mustard soup
㼹ȿ Bean curd stuffed with minced fish fillet
Ѽ Saute duck with fish
Fish steak
Ƭɳ Fish salad
Ƭշ Fried rice noodles with sliced fish
ⶳ Fish in aspic
Fish balls
㳴˿ Shredded pork with vegetable and chili
Ϻ Sichuan prawnsPrawns with garlic and chili
ɱ Fresh scallopsChongqing style
ţ Shredded beefChongqing style
EggplantChongqing style
˿ Shredded porkChongqing style
Ϻ Saute prawn meatballsChongqing style
Բ Fish balls
Բպ Stewed sea cuumber with fish balls
Ӱ Mixed fish soup
F Fried frog legs with vegetables
Ƭ Fried squid with bamboo shoots
ʼ Fried chicken with bamboo shoots
Ϻ Fried shrimp roll with bamboo shoots
ɸ Fried pigeon with bamboo shoots
з Steamed crab balls with bamboo shoots
Corn bread
ȫ Mixed corn soup
Corn congee
Һظ Minced fish and corn soup
Sunflower of universecold dish
F Fried frogs leg with vegetable
ͷ Steamed goose with taro
ԧ쵰 Mandarin duck eggs
ԧ Melon and date like an affectionate couple
Ԫ Sweet dumplings of glutinous rice flour
Բ Clam soup
Բ Cob loaf
Բ Braised chicken in pot
ԭȿ Stuffed bean curd soup
ԭţ Rice flour coated beef steamed
ԭػ Soup with vegetables
ԭ Steamed mushroom soup
ԭ֭ʯ Steamed grouper fish soup
ԭʳ Steamed fresh chicken and dried gizzard soup
Ƭ뵰 White fungus with pigeon egg
Ƭ White fungus soup
˿Ƭ Yunnan ham slices
ƶ Kidney bean roll
Ƭ Sliced porkgarlic and chili sauce
Won tonChinese meat dumplingsoup

  • Z
    Ӱˮ Stewed mixed fruit
    Ӱ Mixed noodles
    Ӱ Mixed soup
    ӻ⺣ Bouillabaissefish soup
    Chop suey
    Cold pork slices marinated in wine essence
    㳴Ѽ Ducks liver braised in wine
    㵰 Egg preserved in wine
    ƶѿ Soy bean sprouts in wine
    Ѽı Four duck delicacies
    㼦 Cold chicken cooked in wine
    Three whitesin wine
    Ƭ Fried fish slices with wine
    Steamed salted pork in wine
    ж Bamboo shoots marinated in wine
    ѼƬ Duck slices in wine
    Ѽ Steamed duck liver in wine
    * Preserved pigs intestines in wine
    С Sweet breakfast bread
    ùƬ Breakfast cereals
    ෽ Date pure
    ը˿鼦 Eight fried chicken joints
    ըϺ Deep-fried prawns
    ը Deep-fried sole
    ը Fried pineapple
    ըĹƬ Fried arrowhead slices
    ը Fried egg rolls
    ըƤ Crispy skin chicken
    ը Deep-fried intestines
    ըϺ Deep-fried prawn balls
    ը Deep-fried quail eggs with diced pork
    ը־ Deep-fried fingered citron rolls
    ըм Deep-fried spring chicken
    ը涬 Deep-fried winter melonwhite gourdand bamboo shoots
    ը Deep-fried mandarin fish
    ը֭ Deep-fried fish with fruit sauce
    ը̻ȸ Deep-fried rice birds
    ը Deep-fried steamed roll
    ը Deep-fried peanuts
    ը Deep-fried bean curd
    ըز* Fried porK rolls in butter with vegetable
    ը Deep-fried chicken
    ըֻ Deep-fried half chicken
    ը Deep-fried chicken rolls
    ը Deep-fried chicken joints
    ըȫֻ Deep-fried whole chicken
    ը Deep-fried chicken with cheese
    ը Deep-fried chicken balls
    ըӸ Deep-fried chicken liver and gizzards
    ը Deep-fried noodles with brown sauce
    ըǮϺ Golden coinprawns
    ը Deep-fried anchovies
    ը Deep-fried gizzard
    ըYƬ Deep-fried fillet slices
    ըû Deep-fried oysters
    ը Deep-frieddragon and phoenixroll
    ը¹β Deep-fried deers tail
    ըȸ Deep-fried sparrow
    ըۼ Chicken cutlet in bread crumbs
    ը* Fried pork chop in bread crumbs
    ը* Fried pork cutlet in bread crumbs
    ըȦ Deep-fried doughnut
    ըţ Deep-fried ox brain
    ըţ Deep-fried beef steak
    ըţ⵰ Deep-fried beef with egg and noodles
    ըţƬ Deep-fried beef cutlet with vegetable
    ըţ Deep-fried ox tongue
    ըţ Deep-fried ox kindey
    ըϺ Deep-fried prawns
    ը뼦 Deep-fried chicken slices
    ըƻ Apple fritters
    ը Deep-fried eggplant
    ըƬ Deep-fried sliced eggplant
    ը Deep-fried salmon croquette
    ըɽ Deep-fried legs of pheasant
    ը˿ Deep-fried shredded eel
    ը˿Ƥ Deep-fried chicken shreds and jellyfish
    ըƬ Deep-fried sliced snakehead mullet
    ըʯ߿ Deep-fried grouper sliced
    ըʯ䵰ƽ Deep-fried grouper with mayonnaise sauce
    ը߲ Deep-fried vegetable
    ըֺ Deep-fried crisps
    ը Deep-fried spring chicken
    ը񼦿 Deep-fried spring chicken slices
    ը Deep-fried sliced chicken
    ը Potatoes
    ըƬ ChipsFrench fries
    ը Deep-fried meatballs
    ը Deep-fried five sliced ingredients with fish
    ը˿Ͳ Deep-friedfive shredsrolls
    ը Deep-fried tomato
    ըϺ Deep-fried prawn cutlets
    ըϺ Deep-fried prawn
    ըϺԲ Deep-fried minced prawn balls
    ըϺ Deep-fried shrimp on toast
    ը㽶 Deep-fried bananas
    ըСţƬ Deep-fried veal slices
    ըСţԲ Deep-fried veal croquettes
    ըзǯ Deep-fried crab claw
    ըѼ Deep-fried duck liver
    ըѼӸ Deep-fried duck gizzard and liver
    ը Deep-fried sheeps brain
    ը Deep-fried mutton chop with mashed potato
    ըƬ Deep-fried mutton slices
    ըβ Deep-fried lambs tail
    ը Deep-fried whitebait
    ը Deep-fried fish
    ը Deep-fried grouper fillet
    ը Deep-fried fish cutlet
    ը Deep-fried fillet of fish
    ըϺ Deep-fried fish and prawn cutlet
    ըӸ Deep-fried chickenduckgizzards and livers
    ըӸѼ Deep-fried gizzards and duck legs
    ը֥Ϻ Deep-fried shrimps on toast with sesame seeds
    ը֥Ѽ Deep-fried duck liver
    ըֽ Deep-fried chicken in paper package
    ը* Deep-fried pork chop
    ը* Deep-fried pork croquette
    ը*Ƭ Deep-fried pork cutlet with vegetable
    ե Hot pickled tuber mustard
    եƬ Meat shreds soup with hot pickled tuber mustard
    ե˿ Pickled tuber mustard and pork
    ե˿ Hot pickled tuber mustard and pork noodle soup
    ե˿ Hot pickled tuber mustard soup with meat shreds
    迾Ѽ Tea smoked duck
    Ѽ Duck smoked with tea leaves
    Flour bean curd with coconut milk
    Բ Pearl-shaped glutinous rice balls
    Pearl-shaped glutinous rice ball soup
    P Spicy porkZhenjiang style
    Steamed strong smeling bean curd
    Steamed dried goose
    Steamed pudding
    Steamed horseshoe crabs
    ƻͲ Steamed salted croaker
    Steamed chicken
    Egg custard in a mould
    ̻ȸ Steamed dried rice birds
    Ѽ Steamed dried duck
    Ͼ̰Ѽ Steamed salted duckNanjing style
    з Steamed crabs
    Steamed small crabs
    ˮ Steamed chicken with fat pork
    з Steamed sea crabs
    ̼ Steamed salted chicken gizzards
    Steamed fish
    ֮ʿ Cheese sandwich
    ֥鲤 Saute spinach with sesame seeds
    ֥ʿ Noodles and sesame sauce
    ֥ը Shanghai style sesame sauce
    ֥鼦 Chicken with sesame seeds
    ֥齴 Steamed eggplant with sesame paste
    ֥齴˰輦˿ Shredded chicken with vegetable and sesame paste
    ֥ö Sliced rabbit with sesame seeds
    ֥ Meatballs with sesame seeds
    ֥Ϻ Deep-fried shrimp with sesame seeds
    ֥Ϻ Deep-fried shrimp with sesame seeds
    ֽ Soft chicken in paper package
    ֽ Three kinds of ingredients in paper package
    Grilled quail
    ˰׸ Grilled pigeon
    ˼ Grilled chicken
    ɳ Grilled snipe
    Grilled fish
    йѾ China white wine
    й Chinese coffee
    ƴ Hors doeuvresmiddle size
    ʽţ Fillet steakChinese style
    ʽƴ Chinese style hors doeuvres
    Ϻ Prawn
    ʽ Chinese style breakfast
    *Ŷ Pigs feets in aspic
    *Y Pork fillet shashlik
    *Ͼ Pork brain cooked with wine
    *⴮ pork shashlik
    *⵰ Egg dumpling stuffed with minced pork
    *⵰ Egg roll stuffed with minced pork
    *ⶳ pork in aspic
    *ⶹ Pork and beans
    *⿧ Pork curry
    *β pork with crispy rice
    * Fried dumpling with pork
    * Boiled small dumplings with pork
    *ȿ Bean curd stuffed with minced pork
    *ζ pork sandwich
    *ɳ pork satayMalaysia
    *ˮ Boiled minced pork dumplings
    * Pork balls
    *㳦 Pork sausage
    Fried noodle with bamboo shoots
    Ѽ Duck web and bamboo shoots in soup
    Bamboo shoots soup
    Ģ Soup with bamboo shoots and fresh mushrooms
    󼦵 Soft boiled egg
    󼦿 Boiled sliced chicken
    Ϻ Boiled lobster
    ţ Boiled beef
    Boiled pork
    ʯ䵰֭ Boiled grouper with mayonnaise
    Boiled potato
    ̰ Boiled salted silver carp
    С೦ Boiled sausage
    ز Boiled mutton with vegetables
    Boiled leg mutton
    Boiled fish
    Boiled fish with vegetable
    Boiled fish potato
    Ƥ Famous crispy skin chicken
    ץY Stir-fried pork fillet
    ץƬ Stir-fried sliced fish
    װڿСţ Stuffed roast veal
    ϲ˵ Seaweed egg flower soup
    Ϳ Steamed fried pork
    F Fried frogs
    Drunken chickenchicken cooked in wine
    з Drunken crabscrabs cooked in wine


ӢϯȫY Z